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Welcome to Architectural Ceramic Design Online

On this website you will discover unique handmade and wheel thrown ceramics, from Sonoma County California. These are the quality works of Alan and Donna Podesto from Cloverdale California. Please choose from one of our four main categories; Dinnerware, Gardenware, Houseware and Wineware. Thank you for visiting.

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Our Featured Item:

Kombucha Crock

Kombucha Crock

This hand thrown kombucha crock is perfect for making your own fermented teas.

What is Kombucha?

Made with raw active cultures, kombucha comes from a Central Asian tradition of fermenting tea to create a delicious health tonic rich with live enzymes, beneficial organisms, and antioxidant tea.

Worldwide, kombucha has been used as a folk remedy to maintain holistic health. The natural acids in kombucha help alkalinize the blood and ease digestion. Improved digestion and circulation help boost immunity and flush impurities from the body. Today, many people find relief from acid reflux, ulcers, inflammatory diseases, hypertension, cancer treatment and allergies when they begin drinking kombucha regularly.


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2015 Event & Show Schedule

Alan Podesto

As a young boy I always wanted to be an artist. I wasn’t good at painting or drawing so I knew that wasn’t it. In high school I took a metal shop class that I enjoyed and was good at. I then took a pottery class and knew I had found my medium in clay. That
was over 40 years ago and I still look forward to being in the studio everyday creating my art with clay.
Alan Podesto

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